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New Lawn Installation

Are you building a new home or do you have a lawn that says: Please start over?. Wilson Landscape can assist you with your new lawn installation needs. We have all the necessary equipment to grade your property and spread loom so that your new lawn has the look you want. We'll take care to make sure that the proper preparation is done to ensure the lawn gets off to the best start and has the best environment to thrive in. Once your lawn is installed you'll of course be concerned with it's upkeep. As always we are ready to provide you with our Maintenance Edge™ to make sure you have that well manicured lawn that you desire.

Seed or Sod Lawn installations

Wilson Landscape provides new lawn installations by seeding or laying sod. Each method has their own benefits and drawbacks. Seeding a new lawn can be faster and cheaper to install but of course there is some time involved before the grass has grown in completely. Sod lawns have the benefit of looking finished from the time we leave but they are more expensive and take longer to install. Occasionally patches of sod don't take and need to be replaced.

What ever method suits the requirements for a new lawn installation, Wilson Landscape has the know how to get the job done on time and on budget.

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We have over two decades experience in designing, installing and maintaining classic landscapes. Please call us at 508-376-9139 or fill out our Estimates form and well promptly be back in touch to arrange the landscape services you need.